Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Every Naruto fan is feeling sad right now :C

  Sad...sad... T^T Neji from Naruto is dead. *tears up* damn! I never feel anything for manga characters espeacially in Naruto except when Sasori get revived and he is the first one to die for second time *grr..* and now... Kishimoto kill off Neji again!! WHY?? WHY NEJI???? OUT OF EVERY POSSIBLE CHARACTER?????? *GRAAAAAA!!!!* When I saw the page when someone jumped in front of Hinata and Naruto...I seriously hope is not Neji instead of Hiashi Hyuga, Hinata's father but no! My heart breaks when I turned the next page!! WHY????????? Being one of my most favourite character since Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, is so heart breaking to watch them die!!! When the last chapter where Shikaku and Inoichi, Shikamaru and Ino's fathers die, I already get the feelings that somebody important going to die again but I never thought is Neji!!!!!! GAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Curse you Kishimoto!!!!! DD:

RIP Neji Hyuga :,C

Neji pictures not belongs to me

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Genting trip with friends after SPM

  Me and my friends finally get to go Genting Highland after SPM. We gather at Celia's house before heading to Genting at 10am. Originally got 8 people go that is me, Celia, PL, Xiao Hau, Teoh, Jun Yung, and Shang Ze... but then until the very last minute PL suddenly say she cannot go because she though that the date is 11 to 13 but actually the date change to 12 to 14 and on 14 Dec PL got something to do :( so only got 7 people go to genting... When we reach First World Hotel, we cannot check in to our room because we under age (17) so Celia's father help us to check in the room. Then because our outdoor indoor ticket only available for 13 Dec so we only stay in our room play PSP and PS2 that brought by Xiao Hau, Jun Yung and Teoh. We play play play until dinner time we go eat Bak Kut feels good that a group of friends sitting together and eat together like family xD btw the food at there is so expensive Dx then we go play arcade, many funny things happened, especially the flip table arcade xD I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! lol

  We play UNO at room until 12.00am then go to sleep, we wake up at 7.30am. We went to eat breakfast and went to outdoor theme park. We played Go Kart and we also saw many cosplayer at there O.o Celia know some of them so she went to chat a bit with them.but them later every game also ful l of people so we decided to eat lunch first then rest at room until night time when there is lesser people in outdoor theme park. then about 6.00 pm we come down to the theme park and manage to play one or two games which I forgot. But then the fog getting thicker and started to rain so we go back to indoor park to think of something to play, Celia and I wanted to watch 4D movie but there is too much people at the queue and technical problem so we didnt get to watch it so Xiau Hao them decided to play bowling and its also the first time I play bowling ball xD. After that we went back to hotel room and decided to stay overnight because tomorrow we are going back home. Around 3.00 am Celia feeling not well and we had to cancel our overnight stay.

  9.00am we wake up and pack our bag, we had to check out at 11.00 am, we went to eat breakfast and check out hotel room. 11.00 am me and Celia go home by taxi and reach by 1.00 pm :)

spent: RM 90.00

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Graduation Party

December 6 is our school chinese class graduation party...All the students in our school that taking chinese language is invited to join the party. It is the first time I've dress so formal and even make up to join a party...we had a lot of fun there and some touching moment especially with our chinese teacher...they put alot of effort to maintain the chinese language class in our school and they are the best teacher I've ever seen...I dun get it why alot of chinese today dun take chinese language, its like pulling our root off and forgot who we are, its our mother language, where we come from...fine dun get off the topic too much, back to the party...its awkward when i find my male friends to take picture...especially when I take picture with Wynn, ...overall is very fun and great opportunity to spend our final time with our friends again ( not exactly final we still gonna meet) thank you PL and Etst for helping me to make up and all the hardworking chinese teachers for creating this event :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Suicide is stupid

  Today Im just talking about...suicide is stupid.

I dunno why ppl likes to suicide today, especially on very super duper tiny matter like break up, bad result, scold by parent or teacher, boring life, fight with friends... etc etc. Those are the most unforgivable and ridiculous reason for someone to suicide, those are just temperately problem that everyone needs to deal about, EVERYONE! So what makes you so special that you need to deal with this problem differently by dying while the other are capable to overcome their problem and live on a happy life, you are just a coward to run away from everything and you are a burden to everyone when you suicide and die because you left sadness and miserable life to the one you love, your family and your friends, You are just a selfish person that only think about solving your own problem in stupid way but never think of how your family and your friend feelings for your ignorant perspective of life.

Life is priceless, like time, you cannot use anything to bring back your life so why people nowadays, teens nowadays would not appreciate the gift that our parent give us? And easily hand it to grim reaper for some stupid reason. I read a book before, it said that when a people suicide, he or she will straight go to hell because they take the gift (life) from the god for granted, so god punish them by sent them to eternal hell, I strongly believe this so I also believe that suicide not does solve any of your problem but to bring yourself another big trouble!

 What I most hated is when those suiciders have siblings under them, I'm the eldest child in my family so I know that whatever you do will affect you younger brothers and sisters. Have you ever think that your act will easily influence them and lead them to repeat what you do in the past? DO YOU WANT YOUR YOUNGER BROTHER AND SISTER TO REPEAT YOUR FATE?? BY ENDING THEIR LIFE TOO??? You just make a role model for them to see how things should be handle, in stupid and idiotic way. And if you really done this, you are the most cruel big brother or big sister I have ever seen. I love my two younger brothers more than anything I wont let my mistake to become their fate, they see me with high expectation that they can learn something from me so I won't let them down by doing anything stupid as suicide.

so in conclusion, suicide or kill yourself is the most stupid and idiotic things that only a fool will do. If you are my friends that reading this, I would like to warn you all first. If any one of you who happen to die because of          suicide, I will not visit your grave, remember this.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Lighten up

9/4/12 12.55am

I'm still sitting in front of the computer, not for entertain purpose but for my spm trial exam, searching up and down for any useful material in write in my sejarah essay, feeling so stress out for the sejarah paper until half of my hair nearly gone ( I have a habit of scratching my hair really hard when I feel stress) until I read your email and blog post. I'm really happy that you finally walk out from the dark clouds and prepare to welcome the sunshine. I always worried about you. We spend some great time together last Friday and I'll never forget the happiness you and I have shared, Thank you so much for everything.

And also thanks for refreshing my mind :D Your message boost me to study and I hope I can be help of you too :)

Well, time to study again C:

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sharing with your friend is caring to your friend

  I feel so lonely sometimes...not because I don't have friends or family, is because most of my friend wont share to me, I dont like this, I'm grateful for able to share happy memories with you all in these pass 5 years or as long as we met, so I also want to help my friends to be happy too, seems like i fail to do so, whenever I saw you all moody and emo, I want to know, I want to help, but you all wont split a thing, I know sometime is ur personal affair, but atleast let me know that we, as your friend didnt add up ur sadness, for example u quarrell  with your family and bring an emo face to school, you can just say :" it just family matter..." not just say :" oh its nothing" but obviously is not ok, I feel sad when you always hide everything to urself and walked away quietly...ya I know is your personality but, please dont ignore ur friend when they want to be with your, your know throughout the years when I away from home, no matter in school or anywhere, I always hope to have people to share their happiness and sadness to me, but unfortunately till now I'm still a dust to your eyes.

  One day I cried, in class, when teacher is absent and the class is left to themselves, Im sorry I lied to you all that I cried is because I read a touching book, I cried is because I was lonely, I was doing my homework that time, all alone, when I glance around the classroom, all the people, including my friends, they were talking, they were together, they were laughing, happily. Even with my friend is by my side, she were laughing too, with my friend behind me.  I felt abandoned, because the whole classroom, only me is all alone, no one invite me to join their laughter, no one wish to share with me, maybe u think I should volunteer myself to join the others, ya I thought so too, but when I think about it, everytime always me volunteer myself into a group ( when no teacher around, just chatting), like, no one invite me to join their group before, is it they initially dont want me to join but I insist to join them?? If I didnt ask, will they invite me??? I shed a tear, no one notice it.
More tears rushing out from my eyes, no one notice, even my friend beside me. I cried nearly one period until another teacher comes in, still no one came to me and ask : "what's wrong?" Then, I recall that everytime got people cried in class, their friends will beside them, patting their back, saying : its ok..." but when its my turn, no one, nothing, laughters still continue, more knifes is stabbing me. Is it I'm so worthless to your all??? My heart sink, because I finally notice that I'm just a nobody for everyone when this is the last  year I will spent with them, when I treat u all so important than my own life, that I admire so much for you all. But I feel more console, when you ask me what wrong in class during recess time, you thought I was crying because of homework, close enough...

  Maybe you  dont know, Im a very sensitive and low self confidence, I always thought that even if I dissapear from this world, no one will notice, earth will keep turning, life will keep going on, so I also treat myself not important, but, you, came in front of me, and ask " why yesterday you didnt come?" " Do you want me to wait for you?" "Here, just now we went Chatime and bought this for you." " I remember you said that...". Maybe you ady forgot, but those are very big words for me, when I think that noone will care about me, when I think I was left alone, your words which contain a little bit of concern, can easily touched me. I look emotionless outside but inside I was full of thankful and gratefulness for you that say this to me. or maybe sometime you saw I was shock and surprise by your words is because I never think anyone will say this kind of things to me.

Thank you for acknowledge my existence, thank you for being kind to me, thank you for share happiness with me, thank you for everything when I step out my home. But I hope, u can also share your sadness to me, to let me know Im not a burden to you, to give me a chance to convert sadness to happiness, to  stand by your side and support you.

Friendship is a beautiful things when someone treasure it sincerely.

p.s.The 'you' im using is refer to everyone, every friends I know 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Your blog influence me...

  Gosh now I begin to develope a habit of writing a post whenever i read your blog, same old sentence I will repeat and repeat, your blog contain so much sadness that I even bear! From now on I will look up to you more and more...

  Sometime I dunno which one you were writing in your blog, but whenever I saw u wrote about somebody ( except is about ur sadness) I will feel jealous...forgive my selfishness but I tend to get jealous when my friend not looking at me >.< i'm really sorry but I can't help it, maybe is because I dun have a mate to get jealous with so I move my jealousy to my friends Dx 
  Stay strong my friend! :)

dun worry I also lacking on my studies too D:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

love? family? life? which is important?

Well sorry for the previous post which is so negative...sometimes i tend to get moody and think too much myself.

Just read my friends blog, everytime I read her blog I feel so sad...because her blog contain so much sadness that couldnt be told to the others, but Im so glad that she never gives up and keep moving forward...thanks to the power of god she can stand up till now and I'm also glad that god have given her the power to move on...

but Im still a buddhist though, I'm just glad that someone else had support my friend in both mentally and physical way.

I know I'm blessed with my  family and friends who is willing to help me whenever I'm in trouble, those who went to suicide or get depressed just because of love problem is plain stupid and ignorant, they are not appreciating the life that our parent gifted to us and waste it, leaves all the people who love you in sorrow, so I think people that haven't grow up( which is include teenager ( age 13 to 18) shouldnt focus on your so called "lover" so much and end up in forever loop of suffering yourself. Buddha teach us not to crave on something too much, and learn to let go the past, learn from the past...

 Haiz...maybe you all will critisize me for not understand the situation you are in as I never have a relationship with anyone before...but that is the true, dont you all agree?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Meaning of LIFE???

What is the purpose to live? Why am I allowed to live?? The world will just go on even without me, so why am I alive??? Life will just carry on even without me, so why am I alive???

I feel alone even when I’m in the middle of the peoples, nobody needs me, nobody appreciate me, nobody knows me, so why am I alive?? Every thing I do, no one will see it. Everything I say, nobody will listen. Every thing I think, nobody will understand. You think this is the small things that not worth to bother about, are actually serious things that I care a lot! I try to be strong, but actually I’m still a weakling.

Why can you do this but can’t I? Why I can fit into your conversation?? Am I a nuisance to you all???? Am I a burden to you all???? Am I just a people that randomly join you all like a busybody?????

Who say religion can ease a people’s mind? The time that I feel extremely lonely and stress is in my religion center! Just because I’m not talkative enough so I can’t join you all?? Just because I’m not following the trend like a normal teenager so I cant join you all? Just because I don’t have a sense of humor like you all so I cannot join? Just because I don’t speak English as well as you all so I cannot join you???? SO WHY AM I ALIVE????

Somebody once told me, “even if you feel sad and tends get moody all the time, the earth will not stop working as you feel sad, so why waste your time to become morose?” Ya that’s right, even when you happy or angry the earth will still keep going, so why waste your time living on earth? When you die you won’t feel sad or happy or angry anymore, the entire galaxy will always keep going on and on, so why are we were allowed to be live??

I’m confused, I’m lost, I’m…demanding an answer…

Monday, March 12, 2012


I, Lyeon/WSW has officially become a cosplayer!!! xDDDDD

last saturday at 1 Utama had held an Animax Carnival, me and my friends has attend the 1st day carnival, at first i was not thinking to cosplay any character since my kagamine len wig havent arrive yet....but at the last minute i found out tat one of my friend tat gt cos kagamine len didnt go for the animax carnival 1st day, so i decided to borrow the wig from her, and i cos camellia len since the costume so casual i can match the costume with my own clothes and some i borrrowed from my friends xD but then b4r the day we go carnival i stayed up night until 3.00am to worked for the accesaries =.= but then overall the carnival is fun and interesting!! xD 1st time to cosplay, 1st time to pretend to be a boy, 1st time to wear a wig go to an event!!!! xDDDDDDD

le me cosplay as camellia len xD photo by Razrig photography ( thanks for the photos! xDD)

photo by Razrig Photography

the vocaloid camellia group xD from left to right ( Celine, Celia, Lyeon(me), ChanPL ) all of them are great isnt it? my cosplay senpai s(seniors) xDDD

great thanks to
Celia - for providing transport
Celine- for lending me the neck tie
ChanPL- for being beautiful xD jokes but u really is a beauty ©©
Elaine- for lending me her ribbons (ur ribbons is great! trust me! xP)
Xiaao Etst- for helping me to make up ©©
Da Cheese- for helping me to make up and lend me your hair web ©©
Jenny Choo- your outfit is so cute!! xD ©©
S.Z, X.Hau, Edward, Kenji- thankx for coming :) (to Ed: if u sick u should rest at home, i nvr hoped tat anyone to fall sick juz to attend an anime event >.<)
all the photographers at the Animax Carnival- thankx for the photos! u all have great skills xDD
Divon and Gundam- you two should cosplay more!!!! xDDDDD