Tuesday, June 25, 2013

High school to college

LoL  Long time I didnt update my blog...so yeah...here I am lol...so many things that happend through out the years and there is no end in writing those stories...and I have goldfish memory also, I just forget what had happened in the past and move on, no matter happy or unhappy times...ya i know im kinda cruel to forget all those happy times i spent with my friends but hey, i cant help it, even if I remembered just pieces that all I could retrieve...so ...sorry ...

OK...What I wanted to say is...I'M A COLLEGE STUDENT NOW!!! lol time flies huh? When is the last time I update my blog again?? nah I forgot =.= I'm doing foundation of art and design currently at KBU international college and will continue my degree in Graphic Design :) Im so happy to be able to continue my dream in art even though I'm from pure science class, after two years of pure science study I confirmed that I 'm not suitable for science related career...art is my true destiny lol Im glad that my parent finally agree to let me learn art although it is still stress ( for workloads, deadlines and redos) but Im still happy compare when in science class :) I really enjoy it and I will continue work hard for it xD

some footage photo during orientation :) met many awesome friends, funny classmates and kind seniors xD

Funny classmates lol dun hit me!! * run away*

My cool and kind senior xD

also made some friends from diploma class :)

and foreign friend too xD