Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Trip to KLCC

Yesterday I went to KLCC with my friends, we went to Petroscience, Dinotrek and Aquaria. We went to Dinotrek first and I'm very excited cause I like dinosaurs but...there didn't have much dinosaur info and electronic model, but I still feel very happy cause the dino were so real.(but cannot walk one) and I took some photos with my friend at the photo booth. The background nice leh?

more pic will be upload soon...

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Lol...nothing to say...last sunday me and our choir group member went to Sunway Lagon to celebrate for the the primary category choir group of winnig the 3rt prize. We went there not play much, juz went to the water part and the dry part... LOL...nothing to talk lar...Well...I juz stop here...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

So dissapointed of myself...TOT

Today I went to the Hymn Singing Competition with my choir group member and......we lose in the secondary choir category ... I feel very disappoint of my self, this is the first time I cry in this year and my parent keep on saying our group is very bad and blah blah...That time I was being in a very bad mood and when my parent keep on saying bad thing about our group, finally I fight back with them...I know this is bad but I just cannot control myself...I think this time is the worst performance for me. The pass year I try so hard to improved myself in the choir group since last year I joined and finally I managed to trow out my voice but still get nothing. Really worst when our group get feed back from the audience and our most important singer, W.Hong didn't get the microphone so cannot hear his voice, Vincent out of pitch when singing, we didn't do action on stage...this make our performance very bad...I really need a place to rest on...to comfort my heart...

Friday, June 12, 2009

Blah Blah...those all my comments only,pls dun mad at me

`Today I went for a camp called:'AIA KIDZ'(I think so...) I know many new frend like K.Fei(cacat cafe/cacat kelefe), J.Foong, Kay La(Kira), Beatrice(B3),and S.J. We spend time at there happily^^.I ask for their msn and...so many!!!Then I rush back to the Hymn Singing Practise and I also ask for my group members' msn. So fast after I add W.Hong he was the first guy that chat with me that day and I surprised. When choir practise, me and him not talking much but we very talkative in MSN!! How can ?! And cacat cafe is the second person I chat with after W.Hong and we also talked very much until dad scolded like I msn with W.Y...
AAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!2morrow is the Hymn Singing Competition!!!!! Drink More Honey!!!But dun have honey...=.=

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hymn Singing Competition

OMG!! This Friday is the Hymn Singing Competition!! Plz everyone bless my group, I'll be very thankful^^.KMBS boleh!! Aww...This year not only one round but have Preliminary Round and Finals. Last year our group got fourth place. According to Teacher Jenny, our group can go to third place but because when our group singing the microphone didn't on so the judges can't hear our voice......T.T This year we must at least get something!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Home Sweet Home, I'm back!!!

Hai!!! I'm back! from the camp! so tired...but I still wanted to share with you! First day, we check in at 7.00 p.m. But...when I reach there, juz KMBS participants wait at there (the camp held by Ti-Ratana buddhist society((TRYBS)) and the TRYBS haven't there yet so "on time"...

When everybody is there, we start the ice-breaking activity. We introduce ourselves and then we form our group. My team member has: Shern(leader of the team),Vincent(him again),Pon(we became friend^^),Nyen(not quite like her) & me(me lar!).

Later, we was told to think our group name, group cheer and choose leader. Leader I said before, is Shern and we decided our group name is "The Special 5" and our group cheer is very... many move (-_- haiz... I don't wan to talk much lar, juz talk the interesting part...

The next day we hav an outing to the town park that besides the MBA court and we are the first group that reach the terminal point and the facilities call us to hide behind the car coz wanted to trick the other groups the haven't reach. When the other group reached, they tought they were the first place. When they cheering, we jumped out and they shocked. After all the group arrived, we were asked to do the group cheer again and again until the faci say stop.>.o<

Haiz...so sad that I not bringing camera or I can show you guys many interesting thing...Well, if you want to know more details about my camp, you can come and ask me^^

Last, I wan to thank the committee that organise this camp, I was very enjoy. I would also like to thank Pon, Z.Yin and her sis, thank for you all always treat me as friend and I'm not feel lonely, FRIENDZ 4EVER!! p.s.sorry I accidentally took your(Pon & Z.Yin's sis) cloth I will return in school or in the Science Trip.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Going to attend a camp

The time that I writing this is 3:40 p.m. later I'm going to attend a camp at 7:oo p.m. three days two night. In front of the Puteri Mart there the shop house, one of the shop house is a Buddhist society, the camp is held there.
Gosh! later a guy wan to come to my house and I quite not like it, who is the guy? He is Vincent, one of the choir group member I said before. Why he wan to come to my house? coz he also attend the camp but his parent wan to balik kampung then my dad let Vincent come to my house...I don't like people come to my house dunno why, especially GUYS

Another thing is... I wan to upload my drawing but I dunno wat to draw!!! somebody giv me some idea!!! Argh!!!!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

another pic^^

Hi! I draw a new one!!Plz giv comments^^
Its about a girl had lost her precious necklace then her best friend(the boy in the pic) found it and then...imagine yourself.
The boy must be very like the girl until his body injure and dirty to find the girl's necklace...
Hope you enjoy ^^

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My First Drawing on My Blog !! >-<

My first drawing!

This is the first picture that I draw show in my blog^^Plzzzzzzz leave a comment! I wan to know how is my drawing^.^

The eye with a dragon mark is the eye of the boy who ride on the dragon, from the mark it can summon a dragon( the big thing in the pic ). When he summon the dragon the mark on his left eye will disappear...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Our choir group youth group member

Wa... The Hymn Singing Competition is juz around the corner! I still dunno how to throw out my voice!! What could I do!!!!T.T Hope Teacher Jenny(our choir group teacher and she has gone to vacation) is here...ToT...

Talk about our choir group youth group member, have about 10 people, 8 girls and 2 boys. Girls: Lynn, Ching, W.C, Yin, Menn, Jean, me and our beloved, Teacher Jenny. Boys: W.Hong and Vincent. Me, Yin and Menn always scolded by teacher coz our voice not loud enough TToTT i hav try my best! W.Hong and Vincent are the only two boys in the choir group...better than last year lar, only one boy in the choir group but this year he quit(maybe becoz always bully by girls ^o^Juz kidding!)