Friday, June 3, 2011

终于可以再打羽毛球了!xD Finally can play badminton again!

昨天,因为没有人载我还以为和羽球没缘分了,没想到Teoh想到一个方法--陪我一起走路去MBA,有点感动呢...T.T 因为他还要专程走到我家附近等我才一起去。

不过,幸好有经过X.Hao的家,才有机会搭他的顺风车。过后我们到MBA后面的篮球场集合。嗯...大概有6个人吧...S.Z,S.Z的弟弟,Teoh,X.Hao,Q.U,还有我。 然后我们只打了1个小时的球,过后就打道回府了...

因为6个人只有我一个是女的, 所以Teoh 和X.Hao 决定陪我一起走回家...他们真是太好人了...因为我的家和他们的家都不顺路,可是他们却愿意绕过回他们家的路陪我走到我的家门口...T^T 以后一定要好好报答他们!

(gt ntg to do so I do an english translation)
Yesterday, bcos I hav no transport I thought I can't play badminton again, but then Teoh sort out a solution--he will walk with me to MBA. I feel touched bcoz he hav to walk to my house nearby to wait for me to go together.

Fortunately, our path also passby X,Hao's house who also gt go 4r badminton with us so we hav a chance to take his ride we dun hav to walk all away from my house to MBA. All of us assemble at the basketball court tat behind MBA. About 6 ppl we hav in total, S.Z,S.Z's younger brother,Teoh,X.Hao,Q.U n me. We juz played 4r 1 hour then we all went home.

Because from the 6 ppl I'm the only girl so Teoh n X.Hao decided to walk me back home...They r so kind hearted! Because my house n their house r nt on the same path but they willing to company me until to my door...T^T...I hav to repay them properly in the future!