Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Every Naruto fan is feeling sad right now :C

  Sad...sad... T^T Neji from Naruto is dead. *tears up* damn! I never feel anything for manga characters espeacially in Naruto except when Sasori get revived and he is the first one to die for second time *grr..* and now... Kishimoto kill off Neji again!! WHY?? WHY NEJI???? OUT OF EVERY POSSIBLE CHARACTER?????? *GRAAAAAA!!!!* When I saw the page when someone jumped in front of Hinata and Naruto...I seriously hope is not Neji instead of Hiashi Hyuga, Hinata's father but no! My heart breaks when I turned the next page!! WHY????????? Being one of my most favourite character since Naruto and Naruto Shippuden, is so heart breaking to watch them die!!! When the last chapter where Shikaku and Inoichi, Shikamaru and Ino's fathers die, I already get the feelings that somebody important going to die again but I never thought is Neji!!!!!! GAAHHHHHHH!!!!! Curse you Kishimoto!!!!! DD:

RIP Neji Hyuga :,C

Neji pictures not belongs to me

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Genting trip with friends after SPM

  Me and my friends finally get to go Genting Highland after SPM. We gather at Celia's house before heading to Genting at 10am. Originally got 8 people go that is me, Celia, PL, Xiao Hau, Teoh, Jun Yung, and Shang Ze... but then until the very last minute PL suddenly say she cannot go because she though that the date is 11 to 13 but actually the date change to 12 to 14 and on 14 Dec PL got something to do :( so only got 7 people go to genting... When we reach First World Hotel, we cannot check in to our room because we under age (17) so Celia's father help us to check in the room. Then because our outdoor indoor ticket only available for 13 Dec so we only stay in our room play PSP and PS2 that brought by Xiao Hau, Jun Yung and Teoh. We play play play until dinner time we go eat Bak Kut feels good that a group of friends sitting together and eat together like family xD btw the food at there is so expensive Dx then we go play arcade, many funny things happened, especially the flip table arcade xD I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!! lol

  We play UNO at room until 12.00am then go to sleep, we wake up at 7.30am. We went to eat breakfast and went to outdoor theme park. We played Go Kart and we also saw many cosplayer at there O.o Celia know some of them so she went to chat a bit with them.but them later every game also ful l of people so we decided to eat lunch first then rest at room until night time when there is lesser people in outdoor theme park. then about 6.00 pm we come down to the theme park and manage to play one or two games which I forgot. But then the fog getting thicker and started to rain so we go back to indoor park to think of something to play, Celia and I wanted to watch 4D movie but there is too much people at the queue and technical problem so we didnt get to watch it so Xiau Hao them decided to play bowling and its also the first time I play bowling ball xD. After that we went back to hotel room and decided to stay overnight because tomorrow we are going back home. Around 3.00 am Celia feeling not well and we had to cancel our overnight stay.

  9.00am we wake up and pack our bag, we had to check out at 11.00 am, we went to eat breakfast and check out hotel room. 11.00 am me and Celia go home by taxi and reach by 1.00 pm :)

spent: RM 90.00

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Graduation Party

December 6 is our school chinese class graduation party...All the students in our school that taking chinese language is invited to join the party. It is the first time I've dress so formal and even make up to join a party...we had a lot of fun there and some touching moment especially with our chinese teacher...they put alot of effort to maintain the chinese language class in our school and they are the best teacher I've ever seen...I dun get it why alot of chinese today dun take chinese language, its like pulling our root off and forgot who we are, its our mother language, where we come from...fine dun get off the topic too much, back to the party...its awkward when i find my male friends to take picture...especially when I take picture with Wynn, ...overall is very fun and great opportunity to spend our final time with our friends again ( not exactly final we still gonna meet) thank you PL and Etst for helping me to make up and all the hardworking chinese teachers for creating this event :)