Saturday, September 25, 2010

rest in peace

my grandmother...she...juz pass away...right after we left the hospital...
im so regret...why I dont stay there longer?why i dun watch her more for last time?
i remember...23/8/2010 around 4.00pm, my father and uncle brought grandma went to hospital...then they never come back the next day until I called father to know the condition of grandmother, he told me to get ready because her heartbeat will stop anytime...after I know tis, my eye started to become sore, because since young I ady live with her...althought I nt so close to her but i had used to her existance in the house.

24/8/2010, finally my mother brought us to visit grandmother, she seems painful, and hard to breath because her lungs had any seriously infected, her body was full of the tube for medical use and her hands, legs and face were swollen, me and the other cousins were holding her hands and called her slightly, she barely can opened her eye but soon closed again, looks like she have something to say but she can barely open her mouth and she try to get rid of the tube that stick in her body...once again my eyes become reddish ...

25/8/2010, father and the other uncle aunties had gone to hospital to visit grandma, at noon, mother brought us went to hospital and let father them came back to eat grandma condition started became unstable, her rate of heartbeat and oxygen suddenly became very low then back to normal again, tis had ady happen 2 time night, her condition was totally unstable but I still holds the hope tat grandma will be okay...

then we went back, when we were eating dinner, uncle tat be with grandma in the hospital called and told tat grandma had left us...

Monday, September 13, 2010


When holiday I started fall in love with vocaloid songs!!!

almost everytime I open computer the 1st thing I do is go to youtube search vocaloid songs!!
Kyaa!! My favorite vocaloid is Kagamine Len! I juz love his voice so much and he is cute!!
The Vocaloid Guys are Hawt!!! Da Girls are cute too!! ( in fan girls mode) so obsess in vocaloids!!

(Disclaimer: I didn't own the pictures)
The Vocaloids! ♥♥
I'm goin to put da songs in my playlist so I can share my favourites with you all! xDxD

Thursday, September 9, 2010


今天我很无聊, 所以我看了«Twilight Saga: Eclipse»
老实说, 从头到尾, 大部分的场景就是kiss来kiss去而已, 就算有战斗场景也是一下子罢了...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


刚刚得知一个沉重的消息,我学校的一位同学患上了肌肉患症, 已经是第四期了…
虽然这位同学不认识我, 我也不认识他, 不过我认得出他和我都在蒲种新明华小一起毕业!
原本我并不知道/忘了他的样子, 只是觉得名字很熟悉…
直到刚才在FB看到他的照片时, 我立刻呆住了! 还有想哭的冲动!
多么熟悉的脸啊! 为什么会是他??!!
虽然互不认识, 不过毕竟也曾在同一个校园度过几年, 还是和我同年的!!!
看到这里我立刻为他祈祷, 希望他快点好起来…

加油智凯! 别输给病魔!!