Thursday, May 27, 2010

more a few of words

I nvr said our friendship is end, y u still wan disturb me???

If we had hurted each other very deep, is no point to bcum best friend again

atleast I still treat u as a normal friend! is no way i will treat u as my best friend again.

im very thankful tat u bring me many precious memory in form 2 but now?? all the precious memory ruined by me n ur selfishness!
I didn't treat u as invincible, if yes then y i talked to u when u talk to me?

U know y i dun talked to u unless u talked to me? coz everytime we talk, it will becum war again even though juz a sentence, like today. U juz kept on repeating the past, yes, tat case i done wrong, but is not fully my responcibility! Is Bryan who said tat u let the cat out of the bag, y u came blame me???not Bryan???

U said tat i've done mistake but i blame on other ppl, if i dunno my mistake will I apologize? n u nvr said wat mistake i've done, it make me very confuse

Please lar, u say u wan think positively but u juz say nvr do, still think negatively n tat's y i dun wan talk to u, everytime I say a sentence even an action then u think negatively n start a war without listen to an explaination or the full sentence

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

IS the END

Wat is the meaning of friend for u?
Wat is the meaning of true friend to u??

Why?? why our friendship will become so tired?
End of Friendship is not bcoz of other ppl, but is u

We both hurted each other too much u thought breakup is a game 4r u??
u can always simply say "breakup" to me then say an irresponsible "sorry" will solve anything?? not thinking of wat will affect other ppl's feeling??
tis is not the 1st time u say tis kind of things like "lets breakup" "tis is the end of friendship" to me, u always said tat to men nvr think of wat is the effect on me after u say tat so many times.
i always choose to cover up my pain after u say "sorry" to me...BUT u hav said too many time the same things until now i really can't bear it any more!

yesterday u called me, the words tat u said to me is ady show tat u r not sincerely come to apologize, how can i 4rgive u???

u thought im a toy 4r u?? can play by u anytime ?? say breakup then breakup, say together then together?? is tis so fun tat u like to repeat it over n over again on me???


Someone can understand my feeling??

Monday, May 17, 2010

im not for u to release ur anger on me!

I'm hurted, again....
by the same person...

Jake even laugh at me :"I told u not to stick wit tat guy! but u dun listen! juz quickly break up wit him!"

I can't! even now, i believe he juz too angry so he say those word to me...

I know i oso gt responsibility in tis case, and i ady apologize n explaine, but he juz push all the responsibility to me

I dun wan to make u angry further more so i didn't talk to u after u blame me, complaine me

I know i oso hurted u, r u taking revenge on me?in front of my friends u shout at me to embarrassed me? then make other ppl think is all my fault n i hav to take all the responsibility?

Do u think im juz a girl wit a soft heart so u can released ur anger on me whenever u wan??

I treat u as a friend u treat me as a toy to released ur anger.

u r hurted i know, but u know i oso hurted? u dunno n thought is necessary to hurt me coz im ur released-anger-toy
u create so much wounds on me but u dun let me to heal it, over n over again to hurt me...

Thursday, May 13, 2010



你知道吗? 这句话已经伤害了我, 尽管如此, 我还是忍着痛, 陪你聊天, 为的就是不让你觉得被冷落!

为什么? 为什么我主动找你聊天了你还说我不理睬你?, 不可能你要我24小时都陪你吧?

如果我重色轻友的话, 我还会和朋友一起吗? 一直以来我只是把你们当兄弟, 对也一样, 即使是真的喜欢, 现在并不是时候...

还有, 看见你们闹翻, 我其实很心痛的!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sorry 4r let u all wait!

Ahhh!!!! sorry guys i hav late to MBA.... really sorry!!!
Today, finally i can touch my badminton raquet again! coz wynn n bryan plan to go MBA today!
BUT...happened alot of things b4r went:
1. My parent suddenly said cant fetch me n J.Wen but atlast oso solve
2. Today I hav to late to go fetch J.Wen coz i hav to help to paint the shirt for the Art Charity
3. Start at 11.00a.m but we reach at 12.15p.m. so Bryan terpaksa to book again 4r longer time...(sorry!^^")
4. Court kena rampas by an unknown little boy boy(but he is very pro)

becoz the court ady rampas n wynn feel bored so he go play basketball n i follow him. after we back to our friends they thought we go sum where else "pak tor" =="(not true)

ta friends tat gt go MBA: