Saturday, May 26, 2012

love? family? life? which is important?

Well sorry for the previous post which is so negative...sometimes i tend to get moody and think too much myself.

Just read my friends blog, everytime I read her blog I feel so sad...because her blog contain so much sadness that couldnt be told to the others, but Im so glad that she never gives up and keep moving forward...thanks to the power of god she can stand up till now and I'm also glad that god have given her the power to move on...

but Im still a buddhist though, I'm just glad that someone else had support my friend in both mentally and physical way.

I know I'm blessed with my  family and friends who is willing to help me whenever I'm in trouble, those who went to suicide or get depressed just because of love problem is plain stupid and ignorant, they are not appreciating the life that our parent gifted to us and waste it, leaves all the people who love you in sorrow, so I think people that haven't grow up( which is include teenager ( age 13 to 18) shouldnt focus on your so called "lover" so much and end up in forever loop of suffering yourself. Buddha teach us not to crave on something too much, and learn to let go the past, learn from the past...

 Haiz...maybe you all will critisize me for not understand the situation you are in as I never have a relationship with anyone before...but that is the true, dont you all agree?