Friday, May 27, 2011

Thank you!

Today its my 1st time to go out with Celia n Z.Y n oso my 1st time to bath in her house, so I wan to say 100000000000000000 thank you to Celia n her family...u all treating me too touched...T^T

We went to Sunway Piramid to watch 1st was Ming invite us to go watch movie with his friends ( he planing to watch 2 or 3 movie non stop but three of us cannot stay too late so we oni agreed to watch 1 movie with them) but actually towards the end...three of us split up with Ming's gang except when watching movie... we went to some japanese restaurant, souvenier shops, comic stalls ( omg sunway's things r so expensive! but I still bought some comics~coz the comics r my brothers favourite but they could not find anywhere so I bought 4r them)

All I wan to say is, thank you Celia n her family 4r letting me to bath in their house n fetch me, thnkx Celia and Z.Y for brought me to eat takoyaki n japanese ice-blended, thank you Ming 4r invite three of us to watch movie! thank you everyone n sorry if I cause any problems C:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My dog had get its license!! xD

hey! my father juz helped my dog to get a dog licence! xD gt abit dissapoint coz the tag is pink colour d...nt blue colour my favourite colour D: Argh!! I lost my card reader so i cannot upload any photo from my hp!! DX pinky =.=

opps my toe :X

Sunday, May 15, 2011

bath a stray dog

Recently, a stray dog that I named it "Ngiau Ngiau" ( ok I know the name is weird) had befriended with my Manja n always come to visit my house...

And, I could not reject the puppy eyes that Manja shoot at me to beg me to play with her friend so everytime Ngiau Ngiau come I juz let her in or let Manja out and let those 2 play...

And I hav to say that- Ngiau Ngiau is a stray dog, she nvr bath n she is dirty...and Manja played with her...automatically my Manja will bcom smelly too! order for me to feel more comfortable to let Manja play with Ngiau Ngiau I...bath Ngiau Ngiau with force...aww I feel so bad now...T^T

1st, I let Ngiau Ngiau come in as usual...then, I suddenly hold her and put my dogs bracelet on, I tied her in front of my house and use water to splash her(I felt reli reli bad when I saw her scared look), then , I use the my dog's shampoo n stared to wipe on her and wait for 15 minute and last use water to clean the shampoo on her body....

My dog always disturb her and giv her a pity look when I bathing Ngiau Ngiau ( naughty Manja D: )

i dun wan to bath...please~~QAQ

I hate shampoo...Q^Q


when is this will end...