Wednesday, January 2, 2013

memories with friends after graduate from secondary school

  Finally!!! I get to spend time with my friends, creating sweet memories before I go for my National Service this saturday...I spent time with my best childhood friend Elaine on a boat ride to Pulau Ketam :DD,and also with Celia, Celine, abowloffish, Pei Si and Wai Yee in our 2013 countdown steamboat party...too bad I cannot stay until the count down :( and lastly with my brothas!!!!!! xDDD Teoh, S.Ze, X.Hau and Jake in Sunway :DDD these friends is the friends that I adore until I treat them as brothers and sisters already( and I mean onii chan and onee chan), They always take care of me and support me when I was down :) oh ya dun forget last year's comic fiesta with the same group with the addition of Yuki and Mia xD and the movie with Wynn, Bryan and QiQi :)) 

  Spending so much time on having fun with my friends after SPM and when the result come out in March which is the month that I end my Nasional Service I will be suffer to death!! Dx I think I didnt done well in my exam which piss my parent alot ( which parent wouldn't?) so since the result haven't come out yet I will enjoy and have fun as much as possible xD

  Lastly, I would like to thank all the names I have mentioned, thank you for being my friends and I really glad that none of you ever left me since the day we met. I love you all <3 font="font">

Graduation Party for chinese class

the boy is Wynn that I talking about :)

bros with me cosplay as karakuri burst len kagamine

and my sis's at count down party :)

another outing with my bros :)

too bad I didnt took photo with Elaine one :,( that is also one of my fun and memorable experience with my best friend