Monday, March 26, 2012

Meaning of LIFE???

What is the purpose to live? Why am I allowed to live?? The world will just go on even without me, so why am I alive??? Life will just carry on even without me, so why am I alive???

I feel alone even when I’m in the middle of the peoples, nobody needs me, nobody appreciate me, nobody knows me, so why am I alive?? Every thing I do, no one will see it. Everything I say, nobody will listen. Every thing I think, nobody will understand. You think this is the small things that not worth to bother about, are actually serious things that I care a lot! I try to be strong, but actually I’m still a weakling.

Why can you do this but can’t I? Why I can fit into your conversation?? Am I a nuisance to you all???? Am I a burden to you all???? Am I just a people that randomly join you all like a busybody?????

Who say religion can ease a people’s mind? The time that I feel extremely lonely and stress is in my religion center! Just because I’m not talkative enough so I can’t join you all?? Just because I’m not following the trend like a normal teenager so I cant join you all? Just because I don’t have a sense of humor like you all so I cannot join? Just because I don’t speak English as well as you all so I cannot join you???? SO WHY AM I ALIVE????

Somebody once told me, “even if you feel sad and tends get moody all the time, the earth will not stop working as you feel sad, so why waste your time to become morose?” Ya that’s right, even when you happy or angry the earth will still keep going, so why waste your time living on earth? When you die you won’t feel sad or happy or angry anymore, the entire galaxy will always keep going on and on, so why are we were allowed to be live??

I’m confused, I’m lost, I’m…demanding an answer…

Monday, March 12, 2012


I, Lyeon/WSW has officially become a cosplayer!!! xDDDDD

last saturday at 1 Utama had held an Animax Carnival, me and my friends has attend the 1st day carnival, at first i was not thinking to cosplay any character since my kagamine len wig havent arrive yet....but at the last minute i found out tat one of my friend tat gt cos kagamine len didnt go for the animax carnival 1st day, so i decided to borrow the wig from her, and i cos camellia len since the costume so casual i can match the costume with my own clothes and some i borrrowed from my friends xD but then b4r the day we go carnival i stayed up night until 3.00am to worked for the accesaries =.= but then overall the carnival is fun and interesting!! xD 1st time to cosplay, 1st time to pretend to be a boy, 1st time to wear a wig go to an event!!!! xDDDDDDD

le me cosplay as camellia len xD photo by Razrig photography ( thanks for the photos! xDD)

photo by Razrig Photography

the vocaloid camellia group xD from left to right ( Celine, Celia, Lyeon(me), ChanPL ) all of them are great isnt it? my cosplay senpai s(seniors) xDDD

great thanks to
Celia - for providing transport
Celine- for lending me the neck tie
ChanPL- for being beautiful xD jokes but u really is a beauty ©©
Elaine- for lending me her ribbons (ur ribbons is great! trust me! xP)
Xiaao Etst- for helping me to make up ©©
Da Cheese- for helping me to make up and lend me your hair web ©©
Jenny Choo- your outfit is so cute!! xD ©©
S.Z, X.Hau, Edward, Kenji- thankx for coming :) (to Ed: if u sick u should rest at home, i nvr hoped tat anyone to fall sick juz to attend an anime event >.<)
all the photographers at the Animax Carnival- thankx for the photos! u all have great skills xDD
Divon and Gundam- you two should cosplay more!!!! xDDDDD