Sunday, November 22, 2009

cannot watch 2012 so watch 252

yesterday my mom borrowed a DVD called"252 signal of life" is abt ppl survive from natural disaster in Japan like earthquake, tsunami n taufan.

summary of the movie:

At some point in the distant future, a massive, catastrophic earthquake strikes Tokyo, causing the temperature of the Pacific Ocean to rise meteorically and the largest typhoon in recorded Japanese history to sweep toward the city and inundate it with water. The Tokyo Fire Department and its team of crack rescuers swing into action, and shortly after they do, a distress call arises from an underground subway station - with repeated indications of the rescue code, 252 252, and the exclamation "We Have Survivors." It soon becomes apparent that the local rescue squad must attempt to save the survivors, doing so at the expense of their own lives and safety. summary from:

the story very touching when the main character save his only daughter n hug her tightly, i nearly to cry out loud, my bro keep saying:"Amithaba..." to hope the character in the movie get last all the 5 surviver gt rescue n they helping each other...very nice movie^^

Saturday, November 21, 2009

after family day~~

Friday, November 13, 2009

I scared,scared being alone when form 3,scared separate from u all my beloved best friends n buddy is last day of my form 2 school life...T.T hope can still in class B nxt year...wit all my friends...W.Y...Justin...Bryan...I really dun wan separate from u the 1st time i hav a group of friendz tat be wit me, chat wit me, play wit me in a whole year...I really scared...really scared tat after we separate...u all wil treaten me like a stranger...left me alone in the corner like when i was form 1...being alone the whole year nearly to suicide...i really scared...can u all promise me even when we separate we r still friends? still buddy? still the best friend tat always stay wit me? I hate being alone...still friends forever rite?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

So dissapoint of myself, maybe i juz suicide

Today, Im in a really bad maths exam paper 2 is really hard, almost all the question i dunno how to do...dunno y my tears start rolled down a few drops, after the math exam i wan to cry n i wan to suicide...but luckily Justin came to me n he found out that i looked very sad n he is the one and only friend that console me, this make me feel better n didn't think to suicide, all my FRIENDS also didn't notice wat was happened to me juz keep on mind their bisness, showing off tat they r very good in tat maths paper...make me feel more disappoint of myself being so useless in maths, no one came to me except Justin, now im very tired~i juz wan to rest~pls take my life span away grim reaper~

I try so hard, and got so far~
But in the end, it doesn't even matter~
Lyric from "In the End" Linkin Park