Sunday, September 23, 2012

Suicide is stupid

  Today Im just talking about...suicide is stupid.

I dunno why ppl likes to suicide today, especially on very super duper tiny matter like break up, bad result, scold by parent or teacher, boring life, fight with friends... etc etc. Those are the most unforgivable and ridiculous reason for someone to suicide, those are just temperately problem that everyone needs to deal about, EVERYONE! So what makes you so special that you need to deal with this problem differently by dying while the other are capable to overcome their problem and live on a happy life, you are just a coward to run away from everything and you are a burden to everyone when you suicide and die because you left sadness and miserable life to the one you love, your family and your friends, You are just a selfish person that only think about solving your own problem in stupid way but never think of how your family and your friend feelings for your ignorant perspective of life.

Life is priceless, like time, you cannot use anything to bring back your life so why people nowadays, teens nowadays would not appreciate the gift that our parent give us? And easily hand it to grim reaper for some stupid reason. I read a book before, it said that when a people suicide, he or she will straight go to hell because they take the gift (life) from the god for granted, so god punish them by sent them to eternal hell, I strongly believe this so I also believe that suicide not does solve any of your problem but to bring yourself another big trouble!

 What I most hated is when those suiciders have siblings under them, I'm the eldest child in my family so I know that whatever you do will affect you younger brothers and sisters. Have you ever think that your act will easily influence them and lead them to repeat what you do in the past? DO YOU WANT YOUR YOUNGER BROTHER AND SISTER TO REPEAT YOUR FATE?? BY ENDING THEIR LIFE TOO??? You just make a role model for them to see how things should be handle, in stupid and idiotic way. And if you really done this, you are the most cruel big brother or big sister I have ever seen. I love my two younger brothers more than anything I wont let my mistake to become their fate, they see me with high expectation that they can learn something from me so I won't let them down by doing anything stupid as suicide.

so in conclusion, suicide or kill yourself is the most stupid and idiotic things that only a fool will do. If you are my friends that reading this, I would like to warn you all first. If any one of you who happen to die because of          suicide, I will not visit your grave, remember this.


Symphony Ear said...

Nicely said *clap clap clap* :)
It's good to know you believe the fact that Suiciders go straight to hell no doubt about it ><