Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Malaysia First Anime?

I saw a commercial on the bus, is an anime trailer, but the characters all wearing traditional Malay costume like Hang Tuah like that, then I was shocked and happy the same time coz i thought our local animation finally reach a higher standard level like japan anime, so I go look up about the so-call Malaysia anime and find out that is a collabration between Malaysia animation studio, Funcel and Japan animation studio, Gonzo with the support of National Film Development Corporation of Malaysia to create an anime series featuring young Hang Tuah and his friends.

But then even the director, Hiroyuki Kitakubo (Blood: The Last Vampire) have refuse to claim himself as director but a advisor and tweeted that he is working on a SHITTY Malaysia anime =___= I heard that it was suppose to release on 2012 but no further news abt it and 22 out of 24 episodes have subcontracted to China (nt sure wat it mean but definately not a good thing)..

well I was expecting something when I saw the trailer on bus but after I do more research... I must say that...Malaysia Boleh ._. btw here is the "Malaysia Anime" that Im talking abt .__. is called Sintria: the warriors of 7 elements.

Talking about Malaysia Animation Studio, I prefer Animasia Studio more than Funcel, They have more potential and they have won many awards, they even have their products show on Cartoon Network ( Bola Kampung series) and Disney XD (Supa Strikas) which is one of my favourite cartoons, while Funcel? who is that? ._.